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Merchant Processing by Tom Weiskotten

Inn The Business - Merchant ProcessingChoice is the key to lower rates and customer satisfaction, according to Tom Weiskotten of Merchant Processing by Tom Weiskotten. “I write business for three different processors,” Tom says, “so I can offer different options to different accounts based on their needs.” One size doesn’t fit all. “I like to educate the B&Bs and inns,” says Tom, “The biggest thing I do is tell the truth and keep my rates very reasonable.” Tom learned years ago that the average merchant will only stay with their credit card processor for two and a half years. Tom quickly realized that by becoming a partner with his clients, and not gouging them with high rates, he was able to create long term, satisfied clients who have been with him for more than a decade! Tom Weiskotten strives to help his clients in every way possible, and works for complete customer satisfaction!

Willsboro, New York


Softub Canada

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA luxurious dip into the posh waters of the hot tub at a well-appointed inn, is always near the top spot of the luxury wish list. Bring that luxury spa experience home. Softub Canada makes that a wish come true for its customers looking for the ultimate in flexibility. Softub is a light weight (as little at 50 lbs), fast-to-set-up hot tub, made of soft polypropylene foam and LeatherTex, a marine grade vinyl. Locate it almost anywhere, since it only requires a standard 110V household electrical outlet, and can remain outdoors throughout the winter. Softub has sales locations across Canada, and offers a variety of sizes, and colors, and accessories. Check out their new Euro Series line available with Espresso poly rattan surround decking.

Softub Canada
Sudbury, Ontario
705-525-6155 / 800-668-8827

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