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Inns Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Mary Hughes

With 18 years of seasoned travel experience behind us, there are exciting new roads ahead. Harworth Publishing Inc. produces Inns and Spa Life magazines. Serving the inn and B&B industry, with the success of the magazine in Canada, Harworth expanded the publication into the U.S., adding the spa lifestyle into the mix. We recognize the knowing traveler doesn’t just want a vacation. Everything you need for an exquisite getaway can be found within our pages.

Explore North American travel: in five themed issues annually, there is Romance galore, Gourmet discoveries, Secrets of hidden treasures, Great Escapes you’ve never imagined, and Luxury unsurpassed. We understand that your vacation isn’t just travel and leisure – it’s an experience!

Get the real story on the best places to stay. Hear from seasoned travelers like yourself. Catch a glimpse behind the scenes. Above all? Find someplace exciting!

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